S-Removal Tool - Open Menu FMI OFF

The S-Removal Tool is a software designed to turn off the Find My iPhone (FMI) feature from devices that have the Open Menu option enabled. This tool is particularly useful for individuals who have purchased a second-hand Apple device and need to remove the previous owner's Apple ID without the password. Here's a brief description of how it works and its features:

•  Functionality: The tool works by entering the device's serial number, Apple ID, UDID, and a PET token into the tool, which then connects to the server to turn off the FMI feature.

•  Compatibility: It supports all iPhone, iPad, and iMac models that have the Open Menu option.

•  Requirements: The device must have iCloud storage enabled and the ability to control the Game Center.

•  Key Features:

•  Clean Devices Only: It works on devices that are not blacklisted or locked with a screen time passcode.

•  iCloud Storage Compatibility: The method is compatible with devices that have iCloud storage enabled.

•  Game Centre Control: Allows users to manage the Game Centre settings.

•  Pet Token Backup Method: Includes a unique backup method for added security.

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