Cheetah Tool Activation & Credits – Official Distributor

Cheetah Tool Activation & Credits – Official Distributor

Unlock the full potential of your mobile devices with Cheetah Tool Activation & Credits. As the Official Distributor, we provide genuine activations and credits for Cheetah Tool, an intuitive phone repair solution that requires no professional skills. Experience effortless device management with operations that are mostly automated and completed in just a few clicks. Plus, you can use Cheetah Tool without needing a dongle or box.

Activation Period: 1 year
Compatibility: Windows 10 (64-bit) recommended. Stability on other versions may vary.


  • Repair IMEI: Fix issues related to your device's International Mobile Equipment Identity.
  • Reset Screen Lock: Remove screen locks without data loss.
  • Remove MDM / Vendor App (ADB): Eliminate mobile device management restrictions and pre-installed vendor applications.
  • Read / Write / Erase RPMB: Manage Replay Protected Memory Block securely.
  • Decode / Relock Bootloader: Unlock or relock your device’s bootloader.
  • Read / Write QCN: Handle Qualcomm Calibration Network files for calibration data.
  • Factory Reset (Diag Port): Restore factory settings through the diagnostic port.
  • Read / Write NVM (ADB Need Root): Access and modify non-volatile memory.
  • Read / Write PSN (MTK): Work with Product Serial Numbers on MediaTek devices.
  • Read / Write / Restore Security: Securely read, write, and restore security settings.
  • Repair Network: Fix network-related issues.
  • Enable ADB (Diag Port): Enable Android Debug Bridge through the diagnostic port.
  • Reset FRP (ADB): Remove Factory Reset Protection using ADB.
  • Read Info: Gather detailed information about the device.
  • Decode Network: Decode and manage network settings.
  • Read Network Code Online: Obtain network codes for various devices.
  • Read Info (Download Mode): Access device information in download mode.
  • Read / Write / Restore Firmware: Manage firmware files for updates or restoration.
  • Reboot Download Mode: Restart the device into download mode.
  • Read / Write EFS: Handle Encrypting File System data.
  • Read / Write NV: Work with Non-Volatile memory.
  • Reset EFS: Reset the Encrypting File System.
  • Factory Reset: Perform a full factory reset.

Some operations require Cheetah Tool Server Credits.

Supported Models:


  • A-series: SM-A013F, SM-A013G, SM-A013M, etc.
  • F-series: SM-F711B, SM-F711W, SM-F721B, etc.
  • G-series: SM-G780, SM-G980F, SM-G981F, etc.
  • M-series: SM-M013F, SM-M022G, etc.
  • N-series: SM-N986, etc.
  • S-series: SM-S901, SM-S908, etc.
  • U-series: SM-G970U, SM-G973U, etc.
  • And many more...


  • P-series: Huawei P50 Pocket, P50 Pro, etc.
  • Honor series: Honor X8, Honor X7, etc.
  • Nova series: Huawei NOVA 11I, NOVA 10, etc.
  • Y-series: Huawei Y90, etc.
  • And many more...


  • Redmi series: Xiaomi Redmi 20X, Redmi Note, etc.
  • Poco series: Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro, Poco F3 GT, etc.
  • Mi series: Xiaomi Mi Pad 3, etc.
  • And many more...


  • LM-series: LG LM-X520HM, LM-K410HM, etc.
  • SP-series: LG LG-SP320, LG LG-SP200, etc.
  • And many more...


  • Moto G-series: Moto G64 5G, Moto G04s, etc.
  • Edge series: Moto Edge 50 Pro, Moto Edge 2023, etc.
  • E-series: Moto E22S, Moto E32S, etc.
  • And many more...


  • Wiko Power series: Wiko Power U30, Power U10, etc.
  • Wiko View series: Wiko View Max, View Prime, etc.
  • And many more...

Not all features are available for every model. Refer to the official product page or GSM forum for the complete list of supported models and functionalities.

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